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Summer Solstice Chant


The sun, rich and open,

stretches and pours on the bloom of our work.


In the center of the new flowers,

a darker wing of flower


points you like a fire.


Point your fire like a flower.

— “Summer Solstice Chant”
Spells: New and Selected Poems
(Wesleyan University Press, 2013)

Featured Book

Spells brings together Annie’s most memorable and striking poems from previous books, along with previously unpublished and new poems. These intricate and moving “spells” bring readers to experience poetry not just in the mind, but in the body. REVIEWS: “Such cohesiveness, especially in a selected, is incredibly rewarding. . .”

“Such cohesiveness, especially in a new and selected, is incredibly rewarding. The work as a whole has depth, tightness, confidence in itself. The reader can trust Spells, poem after poem, and can revel in it. . . . I enjoyed the reading experience thoroughly, knowing I could settle in.   Together, the poems are fables and stories that echo into something greater, drawing the reader into a grand, female-centered narrative of ourselves and the world.”—Anna Leahy, Fiction Writers Review

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